IMS Integrated System

SEACOMP s.r.o. is a dynamically growing company that has provided software services oriented towards designing developing, implementing, and maintaining large information systems (IS) ever since its founding.
The leadership at SEACOMP s.r.o. is very aware of the great importance of building and maintaining quality business relationships with its customers and partners—relationships founded on trust, reliability, and satisfaction.
SEACOMP s.r.o. has both deep and wide experience and knowledge in its specialization. SEACOMP uses exclusively its own staff for its activities. Its staff’s broad practical and professional experience guarantees that all its work is of the highest quality and on time, every time, at every step of project implementation.
SEACOMP s.r.o. has built up immense credit with its customers and partners through its activities over the years. For proof, one need only look at its high completed-project count.
The goal behind the decision of the management of SEACOMP s.r.o. to implement an integrated management system at SEACOMP that meets the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 27001 standards is to further perfect and improve services for our customers, increase the efficiency of our company’s operation including agile reactions to market demands and above all customer needs, to increase our overall order volume, and to consolidate our market position.
SEACOMP s.r.o. , in all of its activities, pays thorough attention to protecting the environment and minimizing potential negative impacts on its individual elements.

he management at SEACOMP s.r.o. is fully aware of the existence of information security risks and therefore takes thorough care to protect information from a wide variety of threats.
The management of SEACOMP s.r.o. undertakes to constantly perfect and improve the efficiency of its integrated management system in order to fulfill the company’s defined policies. To this end the company leadership has secured the participation, effort, and responsibility of all company employees, will constantly develop their abilities and skills, and will serve as an example to them via personal engagement and constant activity.
SEACOMP s.r.o. will communicate its integrated system management policy to all persons working for or in the name of the organization, all persons during the performance of works or related activities, and all persons who with the organization’s knowledge are present at our workplaces or buildings, and will also apply it for suppliers of products and services and for external sources.
SEACOMP s.r.o. will communicate its integrated system management policy, via suitable methods defined in documentation, to the public, state and local administration bodies, and customers.

– Certifikát ISO 9001 CZ  (PDF)
– Certifikát ISO 14001 CZ (PDF)
– Certifikát ISO 27001 CZ (PDF)